About The Artist

B. (1984) Chicago, IL. USA

Primarily self-taught artist, ESS22, focuses on painting female figures using ink on paper.

Their emotive figurative artwork and illustrative style draws upon more than a few influences, including: German expressionism, an intuitive aesthetic, printmaking, textiles, alternative/punx aesthetic, and tattooing.

Painting on paper using ink (formerly spitshading figures before Covid-19), and sometimes adding watercolor is a fitting working medium to explore how female persons (are allowed or dare to) take up space in the world.

(Much like the artist behind the works on paper, there is often an inner conflict, moving from predominantly black and grey or deciding to work in color.

At times, the figures are alternate shadows of the self in a tangible form, or simply following the spirit of the brush and the moment.)

ESS22’s painted female figures explore the fear of powerful female persons (who don't rely on sexuality as strength, nor give into playing frail, vulnerable, exploited creatures for allure).

Subtly, each figure defends their right to their existence when others would rather see them silenced, diminished, or exploited for profit and entertainment. 

Art Shows

  • December Holiday Show, Laguna Art, CA, December 2022

  • The Holy Art, Art on Loop, UK, December 2022

  • "The Business Card Art Show," JKR Gallery, UT, September 2022, Group Show

  • Las Laguna Art Gallery, CA, "Women in Art," July 7 - July 30, 2022

  • HelvetArt, SWEDEN, Online, July 2022 Group Show

  • Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY, "ROCO 6x6," 2022, June 3 - July 17, 2022

  • "11th All Women Art Exhibition," January 2022, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - Special Recognition

  • Surface Art Gallery, UK, International Postcard Show, January 2022

  • Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, "10th All Women Art Exhibition," January 2021

  • Contemporary Art Gallery Online, "All Colors," December 2020

  • Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, "Black and White," July 2020

  • Las Laguna Art Gallery, CA, "Monochrome," April 2020

  • Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, "Red," February 2020

  • Sticker You Presents "Repeeled Art of the Sticker Show," Toronto, CANADA, January 2020

  • Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, "9th All Women Art Exhibition," January 2020

  • Red Studio Garage, MN, "Slideshow Sideshow," September 2019

  • Las Laguna Gallery, CA, "Comics, Anime, Cartoons & Fantasy," April 2018


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